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I motivate individuals to transform their lives by mindfulness & sharing wisdom for self development.

Our children are our future and with life being busier than ever, they have so much mental and emotional overload which they just don't have the skills to deal with it all. I see so many children suffering with anxiety from such a young age and I know that they would really benefit with help from coaches to educate them how to regulate their emotions, gain confidence & really learn to become embodied adults who know what they want, how to get it and fill their life with connection, fun, play, passion and purpose.

The coaching industry is booming with coaches that coach adults who didn't have the support they needed as children and are now in a position that they are often lost, stuck, overloaded and overwhelmed. Imagine how different their life could have been if only they got the support when they were younger to help them regulate their nervous system, understand their emotions, create the beliefs that serve them to achieve their dreams with fun, love and connection. This is where you come in!!!! Kids coaches will really change the future.

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Kidz Coaching Fundamentals Course

In this Coaching Certification, you will gain the skills to become a powerful and intuitive kids coach. You will also have the opportunity to work through you own belief systems and nervous system regulations and really becoming embodied in what you are teaching. Then we give you the business skills and knowledge to set you up for success. After your 6 months with us, you will have what you need to start or grow your business in kids coaching.

Kidz MASTER Certification 6 month program

For me it my mission in this world to call the Coaches & Healers to change and create a world where our children heal first.

Imagine a world with amazingly, deeply connected humans. Who can be vulnerable, loving compassionate and have awesome awareness, resilience and strong mental health.

If we help our children heal, we also can heal ourselves along the way. So, join me in weekly embodiment and healing modalities so you too can be the best version of you!

Private Support Work

I work with children and families to help bring harmony to themselves and their home.

One on one sessions are booked atter a free consultation.

Advanced business coaching one on ones also available.

Free Resources

5 Day Kidz Connection Coaching Course


Why do I love

working with


Because they understand more than you realise and they deserve to learn how to express themselves fully!

After all, we have thousands of adult coaches why don’t we have more holistic coaches and healers working with our youth??

Kids need to feel safe!

Kids need to feel loved

Kids need to play

About The Coach…

Hey I'm Nichole, a clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in working with kids of all ranges, including children on the spectrum.

If you recognize me from my lives on socials what you see is what you get.

I’ve been in the personal development industry for over10 years. My superpower is unconditional love and I am passionate about helping others. Just watch my free videos and you'll see my passion and energy!!

I’m vulnerable with my own journey, thus creating safe space for others to share and heal. My addiction and depression lead me to hypnotherapy and unconscious healing 11 years ago. I'm now sober happy, healthy and haven’t looked back.

I'm quite diverse;

I have a wife, 3 children and one child on the spectrum. I love fitness, ice baths, breathwork and learning more about healing.

I have my Clinical Hypnotherapy qualifications as well as my masters in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki energy healing and Seichem.

I have my educational qualifications in Fitness, Youth Work and Disabilities and Training.

💫 I coach children aged between 2-18 with many modalities

💫 I am a mentor for teens

💫 I run therapy sessions for children and parents

💜 I am a motivational speaker at educational Centers

💜 My coaches and I run parent trainings via zoom

an 8 week program

💜 I run retreats and workshops for women

💛 I teach families how to communicate and connect in harmony

And run a business with a team of support workers for families with disabilities funded through NDIS.

Kids feel a real genuine connection and will work on what they want to when given the right space, love, empowerment and guidance!!

That’s why after working with kids for the last 8 years, I am now proud to run The Kidz Coaching Certification for people wanting to start a business to help children OR for parents wanting to have better communication and connection to their children.

To learn more about how you could become certified to make dramatic improvements with children’s emotional wellbeing and behaviour, click the button below to book a discovery call to learn if this is the right fit for you.

Client Testimonials

Working with Nichole can best be described for me as ‘the first day of the rest of my life'."

The Children’s Safe Space Kids Coaching course, gave me the knowledge, skills, confidence and techniques to start working with clients and building my business, immediately.

Nichole is like the missing link to the family chain, not only offering deep understanding of the family needs but intuitively knowing exactly who and how to help. I could not recommend working with Nichole highly enough. Enrolling in her courses or simply reaching out for guidance on any avenue of life, I can guarantee it will be life changing."


Jes Murphy

Founder/Holistically Connected

Such an amazing soul, we have known Nichole for over 2 years now and she has done wonders with our son. I would recommend her and her team to anyone who is struggling. She has become a very valuable member of not only our therapists team but also our family. Thank you!


Rebecca Franke