Only For - Teachers, Therapists, Nurses, Carer's and Mums In Australia who have a passion or desire to work with kids.

Discover how my clients generate between $65-$195 per hour all while working with kids, in the hours that they choose in as little as 90 Days.

100% Guaranteed Or You Don't Pay..

Best of all, it works wether you want to work full time , part time, or on the side.

Watch this short video below for how this works...

I have ✅ Watched the video ✅ Want a system to work with kids on the NDIS ✅ Am a mum, carer or working professional who would love to work with children and ✅ I want to know how this guaranteed system can work for me...

On this short call, we'll tell you within minutes if this process can work for you and if you qualify to become a kidz coach.


Tahnee was working with children as a yoga instructor and only had one class a week.

Like many sole traders, her business income had declined and so had her motivation, and she was feeling disheartened.

Tahnee was considering using her talents and going back to a 9-5 office job.

This made her

- Feel unsuccessful

- Worried about finances and income

- Feeling disillusioned and not in alignment with her dreams of serving others

Tahnee knew of the NDIS sector, saw my success and living in alignment with abundance and asked to join the course.

Tahnee already had a business, holistic qualifications, PT, Yogi and much more.

What she lacked was clients and direction.,

After the first three days live Tahnee

Relaunched her existing business

Added NDIS clients and started using the marketing and business coaching skills

Added kids holistic therapies to her business - Connect, Empower, Play, Grow Is currently at capacity with her client load and making thousands $ per week


One of our 2023 Kidz Coaches, who completed the 6 month business coaching Before joining Kidz Coaching, or working with Nichole.

Mandy was a full time Educator at a high school. As circumstances changed with the world and COVID changed all work places. Mandy was given the opportunity to go back to teaching or create a version of home education - that suit her and her beliefs and Vales.

BAM time was re launched and Mandy threw herself into a full time business.

This was make or break as Mandy relied on her Education wage to survive.

At the start Mandy was

- Apprehensive

- Stressed about finances and - Lacking self belief

After signing up for business coaching, Mandy had not only had the support and confidence to dream big and make her goals a reality.

Mandy has superseded her expectations and now dreams bigger.

Mandy is now at capacity with all her NDIS clients.

And is in the process of growing her business and subcontracting staff Mandy is in love with he life, clients and loves inspiring others

About Nichole Hamilton

Nichole is a a clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in working with kids of all ranges, including children on the spectrum.

She has been in the personal development industry for over10 years.

She has a wife, 3 children and one child on the spectrum. I love fitness, ice baths, breathwork and learning more about healing.

She has her Clinical Hypnotherapy qualifications as well as her masters in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki energy healing and Seichem.

Also educational qualifications in Fitness, Youth Work and Disabilities and Training.

She currently teaches women in Australia how to harness the power of the NDIS to create a rewarding career working with children.

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